About us

The Recyclatex Group consists of companies operating a nationwide service, together we are the largest textile recycling company in the UK. We are experts in collection, logistics and identifying value in used clothing and shoes. Recyclatex comprises of companies with over 500 years combined experience in the industry with a solid proven track record, offering a professional bonded reuse and recycling service, with one point of contact.

Keeping jobs in the UK our members, sort and process thousands of products every week.

Why should you work with Recyclatex?

By working with members of Recyclatex, retailers, local authorites, charities and other organisations can be sure that they are dealing with reputable and reliable businesses. Most importantly you get Nationwide cover with one point of contact, together with the knowledge and security of working with the largest reuse and recycling group of companies in the UK.

To be a part of the Recyclatex Group companies must also be part of the Textile Recycling Association and we also actively encourage membership of the Charity Retail Association. Members are also expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Charity Retail Association (https://www.charityretail.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Corporate-Co...).

Furthermore members of Recyclatex can guarantee continuation of their collection services, no matter what the prevailing financial circumstances are. Should a member of Recyclatex cease trading, the bond will be used to cover the costs of servicing existing contractural obligations until new permanent arrangements are made by Recyclatex. The backing of the bond is a major bonus, particularly during difficult trading conditions. If you are not working through Recyclatex you are not covered by our bond and do not have this guarantee.

Aims and Mission

We are a signatory to the UK governments Textiles 2030 commitment, which aims to encourage the reduction of carbon, water and more importantly waste footprints of clothing in the UK by 2030. As a supporter of this aim we are committed to helping and encouraging the increase of reuse and recycling of clothing to recover its maximum value and ensuring that wherever possible textiles do not go to landfill.


Recyclatex members are compulsory audited by an external organisation as part of a major national contract, this agreement ensures traceability and accountability to the highest business supplier standards in terms of ethical trade, environmental policy, health and safety and operating above and beyond those of industry requirements.

By working with Recyclatex, charities and retailers can be sure that they are dealing with reputable and reliable businesses, who are part of the largest textile reuse and recycling group of companies in the UK.

Anti Slavery Policy

The attached Anti Slavery Policy Document is adhered to by all members of Recyclatex, and is the minimum level that they as a Group have a agreed to.


Recyclatex was launched in the 1990s. It is a bonded textile recycling scheme which has rapidly become the UK’s largest operator of textile reuse and recycling services.

When we started in the 1990s it was to support a Blue Peter Appeal, and the companies involved enjoyed working together so much and being able to provide a nationwide service whilst retaining independence they decided to continue.

The individual companies that make up Recyclatex collectively have over 500 years experience of the sector.